Monday, September 20, 2010

Richard Simmons EST7 Steam-Heat Electronic Food Steamer

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Product Description
Richard Simmons Electronic Food Steamer with three steaming chambers with individual heating elements that allow you to cook three types of food at different times and finish at the same time.
Technical Details
  • Electronic food steamer with 3 individually controlled steaming compartments
  • Express-steam and direct-start functions; keep warm with 1-hour auto shut off
  • Electronic control panel with LCD display and 5 function keys
  • 2-2/5-liter water tank; dishwasher-safe parts; cooking bowl included
  • Measures 13 by 14 by 11 inches
Customer Reviews
"Excellent product" 2009-11-18
This is a very easy to use and very easy to clean steamer. It is a little bit bulky looking and it is very well worth-ed. I steamed frozen vegetables and rice and they all turned out to be great.
"Trays are made of #7 PLASTIC!!!!" 2009-10-20
By T. Fratz (MD USA)
I purchased the Richard Simons EST7 Steam-Heat Electronic food steamer last year and I just loved it. I ended up purchasing 3 more as gifts for my family. I had no problems until I happend to look to see what plastic number the trays were made of. To my surprise it was a #7, the worst plastic made. The food is placed directly on these trays for steaming. I did lots of research on this plastic and found out how dangerious it was. This plastic is normally seen as a bad plastic because it is made with Biphenyl-A, which is a synthetic estrogen. This can leach into food products as it ages as well as under heat (STEAM). Biphenyl-A is thought to be a hormone disruptor than may simulate the action of estrogen when tested in human breast cancer studies. I also found studies that claim #7 plastic can cause all kinds of medical problems, especially cancer. I was horrified. I tried to contact Richard Simons through his web site to inform him of what I discovered with this product that he was endorsing. That was over a month ago and still no response. He promotes a healthly lifstyle but I don't think this product would qualify. I feel that it is important to imform people of the risk with using this steamer and how it may contribute to health problems. Please research the kinds of plastics that are used for our food. We have to put the word out about these hazards before it's too late.

"The best money I ever spent on cooking" 2009-08-01
By John F. Osullivan (Framingham)
The steamer is huge. i bought another steamer and it is less then half the size of this one. You can cook a big meal for a small family with this. You can cook rice vegetables and meat in different chambers and for different amounts of time. it is very easy to use and to clean. The food tastes good and it is so healthy. Richard Simmons EST7 Steam-Heat Electronic Food Steamer

"Love Hate Relationship" 2008-08-19
By L. Brock (OK, USA)
What I love? The horizontal placement of the bowls (instead of one that stacks on top of the other), the ability to set different time settings for each bowl, and the synchronized timing of all bowls to finish the cooking cycle at the same time. I cook in bulk a lot and this steamer makes that process very time efficient. It is user friendly as far as programing times for each bowl. What I hate? It's mammoth huge. It takes up a lot of space in my kitchen. Before I received this item as a gift, I used two separate steamers which took up less space. Clean up is a royal pain and time consuming. Yes, you can put it in the dishwasher but the tray is huge and then to try to put the bowls in along with other dishes... well, you mostly have steamer parts in there. It's cumbersome to wash in the sink. The bowls are easy to clean since they support large steaming and draining holes and the material is smooth with no edges or places for food to get stuck or hung in. But again, it's so big that it's annoying to clean. I do not like that everything drains into one drip tray. I make my own baby food. Many times I use the drip from the vegetable to add to the blender to aid in the blending process. That is impossible with this steamer as the drippings from all meats/vegetables drip down into a single tray. Also, I make a LOT of rice. The rice bowl is small and not adequate for what I need. I generally get one of my other steamers out to make rice. I would never have purchased this for myself. Since it was a gift I will keep it, but truthfully, it's just too big and cumbersome. I find myself quite agitated during the cleaning process. I do think for my needs separate steamers work best. For someone who makes complete meals with this steamer it's probably awesome. I think it does have it's place for those who steam whole meals every day. It is also very user-friendly for those electronics challenged people.